Over the years we have dipped our toes into the vast and deep catering pond a time or two (and yes, we did just reference "toes" and "catering" in the same sentence). This 'catering' was something we did roughly four to five times a month; mostly just for friends and family members. So we decided it was finally time to plug our nose and take the plunge. We made it "official"!

That's right folks, the Blue Line Sports Bar and Grill now has an Official Catering License! 

And not only do we have a license, but we recently had our first "official" catering job for a wedding reception at the Event Center. Our barbecued burnt ends and chicken skewers were enjoyed by all (luckily Marissa remembered to bring the barbecue sauce). As you can see, Esther and the girls were hard at work the entire night with smiles all around! 

We're not really sure where Scott was during all of this.. probably off dancing with the Bride!