It looks like the unpredictable Minnesota weather might be beginning to cooperate this year (fingers crossed) and give us some warm weather! Once the weather is nice, many of us want to live every moment to its fullest and spend as many moments as possible outdoors. At BlueLine, that means we get to dust off the tables and chairs and sweep up the patio so you can eat outside! To help you enjoy your time outdoors, we have a few recommendations for what to order when you dine on the patio:

First, start with a beer. We like to recommend something lighter to match the warm weather. The changing temps signal a time to say goodbye to the filling, thick stouts of winter and hello to lighter wheat, citrus, and cider brews. Ask our helpful staff for more information on the seasonal taps and bottles we have available.

Once you have selected your drink, it’s time to pick an appetizer. Our Burnt Ends are a great way to welcome the sunshine - and who doesn’t love BBQ and sun?! If that's not quite what you’re feeling, you can’t go wrong with our tasty wings or nachos. If you are going to be that person who can’t make up their mind or wants it all, we suggest trying The Sampler to simplify things.

Okay, so we have the drinks and apps - now for the big choice....the main course. This can get a little tricky because let's face it, our food is so good it can be hard to just pick one thing. We’ve narrowed it down to a few top choices. If you haven’t tried these at least once, trust us, you’re missing out!

First, any of our sandwiches are perfect for eating outside, plus you can add avocado on any of them to really get in the warm weather groove. Pick one of our fabulous burgers to pair with your beer, with your choice of side and toppings. Feeling a little more adventurous? Get the steak. Picture eating a nice juicy steak while sitting in the sun sipping on a cold beer...Can it get any better? Last, but not least, we recommend checking out our special of the day. It's the special for a reason, so you might want to try it out!

If you have any questions or just can’t make up your mind, our friendly staff is more than willing to help you out. The last bit of advice that we can give you is to enjoy the sun while it's here and don’t spend it indoors. So come on over, take a seat outside, relax, and let us do all the work.