Every year at Blue Line Sports Bar & Grill we host a contest amongst our cooks to come up with a new item for the menu. The cooks at our Sartell location compete against each other and the cooks at our Blue Line South location do the same. We then take the winning addition from each location and they compete against each other to determine the winner.

The rules are simple. The new item has to be prepared in 15 minutes or less and the cooks have to use in-store products. After it has been created, our employees vote for which one they like best. The overall winner of the contest will have their item featured on the menu for the year.

Last year’s winner was Rick’s Southwest Pork Nachos. These nachos consist of Hickory smoked pulled pork, which we season with chili lime and Cajun flavors, and then spread across red, white, and blue tortilla chips. The nachos are then topped with a fire-roasted corn mix and shredded cheddar jack cheese. They are served with sides of breaded jalapeños, sour cream, and our homemade pico de gallo and salsa. These nachos are sure to satisfy your cravings for a spicy, Cajun-style batch of nachos.

Rick’s Southwest Pork Nachos ended up being Blue Line’s most sold appetizer last year. You can check these nachos out on our menu, along with our other delicious appetizers and meals. If you like what you see, make sure to stop by Blue Line Sports Bar & Grill to give them a try.