First the important news: Scott’s a grandpa! Stop by and say congrats, and remind him that this is the first official sign of old age.

Now the shameful admission: We lied a tiny little bit. Yes, Benny won the cook-off… but we actually had two winners. The BBQ Pulled Pork Melt is amazing, but equally mind-blowing, equally innovative, and equally Blue Line Exclusive is the new Pickle Roll-Up Burger! We just couldn’t choose a winner between these two.

Pickle Roll-Ups, or “Lutheran Sushi”, is classic Midwestern fare that Marissa has translated to burger form. Our char-broiled hand patty burger on a fresh bakery bun is perfectly accompanied by a healthy dollop of cream cheese, smoked ham, and pickles. When paired with a side of hand-dipped cheese curds - also new to the Blue Line menu! - it’s the perfect Packer meal. Or pregnancy meal, as Little Scotty Jr. can attest to.

Check out the full meal in the video below, and let us know which of the two winning meals you’re most excited to try!