A Sports bar, of course! It was easy for us to come up with the reasons for why a Sports Bar is better than watching the game from home (or going to the game).

1. Sports Bars offer a wide variety of drinks, more than most liquor cabinets can provide.

2. Sports Bars offer a wide variety of food and they cook it for you!

3. Waiters and waitresses are there to serve you. This way you won't miss a minute of the game!

4. Sports Bars offer a high quantity and quality television screens.

5. A Sports Bar usually allows you to view more than 1 game at a time. If one game gets boring, simply watch a different game.

6. At a Sports Bar you can socialize with a large group of people.

7. Going to a Sports Bar is much cheaper than going to the game. It is very likely that you might spend as much to park at the game as you spend at a Sports Bar.

8. At the Sports Bar you get to heckle the enemy when your team prevails. Of course there is a minor downside...you might get heckled (but you're tough...you can take it)!