We’re all a little disappointed that the Packers and Vikings aren’t going to the Big Show this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a great time watching the game!

Here are four reasons why watching the Superbowl at Blue Line is an absolute must:

1)  Our Wide Selection of Food and Drink
We offer more drinks than a typical home liquor cabinet. We have a fully stocked bar to make your favorite mixed drink. We also have a large variety of beers on tap, because nothing beats the football and beer combo. And we’ll have a free hot dog bar! What more could you ask for?
Our drink specials for the game can’t be beaten:

$7.00 Pitchers of Miller Lite
$4.00 20oz. Domestic Taps
$6.00 20oz. Craft Taps

We have all the fixings for a great viewing party - burgers, nachos, pizza and so much more! And you don’t have to cook any of it.

2)  We have Waiters and Waitresses
Many football fans dread it - you get up to get a refill or reload on some chips and you miss the touchdown pass. We feel your pain, that's why we have skilled staff that can keep the food and drinks coming so you never miss a play.

3)  We Have More Than One TV...Like a lot More
Why limit yourself to just one TV when you could watch on so many more! And they’re all flat screen.

4)  Best part…We Clean Up
No one likes cleaning up after a party. So don’t. When you come into Blue Line we handle the entire cleanup so you can just enjoy the game.

If those reasons weren’t enough, the friendly environment at Blue Line always makes for a good time, no matter which team you’re cheering for. So come on in and check us out for yourself and have a blast watching the Superbowl with us at Blue Line.