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Are you ready to get mad?! We don’t mean angry - we mean are you ready for March Madness? At Blue Line, we sure are! Unfortunately, there is one thing that always seems to get in the way of watching all the games… work. So how do you explain to your boss that you can’t come into work because you want to watch March Madness? We have come up with a few excuses that you can tell your boss:

My Dog Ate My Car Keys

Have a boss who loves animals? Well, they should know that having a pet means you sacrifice some of your personal items from time to time. How are you supposed to go to work without any keys? Surely you can’t be expected to leave the house unlocked! Plus, you’re probably going to have to take you dog to the vet - all that metal can’t be good for their digestion.

My Elderly Neighbor Needs Me

This one is not for the faint of heart. The emergency shouldn’t involve a close family member or serious illness. Instead, say a neighbor is sick or is getting over surgery or a minor injury. Your boss won’t be able to deny a day off to someone who acts neighborly and takes care of the elderly. Consider sending the nice old lady down the street some flowers in appreciation afterward. It’ll make her day, and you’ll feel better about your white lie.

My Kids Need Me

Another good way to execute this is if you have kids. A child being sick can work on a few different levels, and this is a valid reason for having to miss work. Kids are always catching colds, the chicken pox, and an array of other illnesses. It can take a few days for a child to get over an illness, which means that you might be able to stretch out this excuse.

I’m Having Car Trouble

Don’t have kids? Car trouble is another great way to get out of work, and there are a ton of reasons why cars break down. This can work similarly to having a sick child - it can be used for multiple days. The only thing with this excuse is to make sure that you don’t live across the street from your work, along the bus line, or close to a coworker who might offer to give you a ride to work.


If all else fails, be honest - maybe your boss is a big sports fan, too! Suggest having a get-together at Blue Line to watch the game in order to boost morale and promote team building in the workplace. Share our menu with your boss - that should be more than enough to convince him/her to gather the team and head out to Blue Line.

To some, basketball is more than just a game. However, it’s likely that your career is more important than missing a game. If you can’t make it down, feel free to use one of these excuses to get you out of work a little early, or else we’ll see you at 5:05. We will have all the games available to watch and the beer is always flowing.