Oh, if the walls at BlueLine could talk, the stories they would tell! As it is Valentine's Day and February is the month of love, it seems they decided to share a few love stories with us. What you are about to read are two actual love stories of two couples that first met at Blue Line and continue to go to Blue Line together to this day.


Scott & Sara

Our first story takes place in March of 2007 at Blue Line Sartell. A young fellow named Scott was attending a friend’s birthday party. He was feeling a bit parched, so, naturally, he went to up the bar to get himself a drink. After a few brewskis and some shots, he ran into a friend of his, who was also friends with Sara (Scott’s future wife). Scott’s friend introduced him to Sara and they began to talk. They shared a couple drinks, some laughs and enjoy each other’s company for the rest of the evening. Overall it was a pretty kosher deal.

After that night, they continued to meet at Blue Line with friends. Soon after, Scott decided that he wanted to take the next step with Sara, and asked her to be his girlfriend. After dating for three years, Scott and Sara got married in an igloo in Scott’s parent’s backyard. "We did have our groom’s dinner at the Blueline and enjoyed a lot of friends family and staff prior to getting married." says Scott. Seven years of marriage later (as of February 13th), Scott and Sara still reminisce on the night they met at The Blue Line. To this day, their go-to date spot is the Blue Line, where they continue to share laughs and love in the spot they first met.


Whitney & Danny

Our next love story began in September of 2014 at Blue Line South. Whitney was working her serving shift. It was a busy night at the bar. Many people were playing darts, drinking and joking around. Megan Widor (Blue Line owner Scott Widor’s daughter) was visiting from Nashville at the time and there was quite a fun group gathered around the bar. Danny, a friend of Megan, was there to catch up with her while she was in town.

Now because Whitney was working at The Blue Line and Danny was an avid Blue Line guest, Whitney recalls serving Danny in 2013, making their first words she spoke to him, “Can I see your ID?” Romantic, huh?

Photo by Todd Myra Photography

Photo by Todd Myra Photography

But on the night they officially met in 2014, Whitney was roped into playing darts after work with coworkers and Blue Line patrons. During the dart game, Danny gave her a high-five and complimented her on her dart throwing skills! She found out later he was just being polite, but took it as a smooth gesture, nonetheless.

A little while after the dart game, Danny sat down next to Whitney at the bar and they talked about recent trips they had taken. They talked all night long and enjoyed each other’s company. Soon after Danny asked Whitney to be his girlfriend and the rest is history!

Nowadays, Blue Line is their go-to spot for just about everything. They got engaged at the Blue Line this past year, celebrated closing on their first home at the Blue Line, and Danny even asked Whitney’s dad for permission to marry her at the Blue Line. (Aren’t these two awesome?!)

This year, when they tie the knot on June 10th, they plan to bring the whole wedding party by the Blue Line for a drink to celebrate after the ceremony.

Well there you have it, folks, two classic love stories originated at the Blue Line. If you are in the mood for a drink, some great food, or are looking to find the love of your life, make sure to stop by the Blue Line.