#10: Aaron Rodgers throws for over 5,500 yards breaking Peyton Manning record year from 2013 of 5,477 yards. (Because what else are the Pack going to do on offense; run the ball?)

#9: Odell Beckham Jr gets into a tussle with a Gatorade 10 gallon cooler. (And loses)

#8: The Cleveland Browns make the playoffs. Heard it here first people.

#7: The Patriots lose to the Jets twice behind Teddy Bridgewater's golden arm. (Going to be tough to watch for you Vikings fans out there.)

#6: Scott eats a total of 667 Blue Line wings throughout the season (including during the playoffs) and consumes 89 liters of beer - roughly 188 frosty pints.

#5: Aaron Rodgers wins MVP. Easy prediction if you ask us.

#4: Vontaze Burfict gets suspended.

#3: Vikings win the division... but the Pack gets the better of the Vikes in the wildcard round, advancing to the divisional round.

#2: Jimmy Graham, 20 touchdowns. (Nuff said)

#1: Packers vs. Eagles in the NFC Championship. Battle of the ages. The young superstar, Carson Wentz, vs. Discount Double Check. The score is 45-43 Eagles. Rodgers leads the Pack down the field which puts them in field goal range for a last-second game-winning kick!

This amazing feat replays over and over until the 53rd Superbowl – the Packers versus the Patriots – in which the Pack come out on top once again. 


Join us at the Blue Line Bar and Grill this season to catch all the NFL action. And if any of these predictions do come true, make sure to talk to us about guessing the winning lottery numbers – to confirm our psychic abilities.