The Blue Line’s Bean Bag League is fastly approaching – a fun, competitive way to meet new people and have a great time this summer. Here are some tips and tricks to the perfect bean bag toss to get you in shape and ready for this year’s bean bag season!

1. Prepare

Throwing a bean bag perfectly not only requires physical preparation but mental as well. When throwing a bean bag, make sure you focus and look at the hole the entire time. Watch your bag until the very ending, never losing concentration. Physically, make sure that the bag’s weight is distributed evenly in your hand and that your thumb is centered over the top of the bag while your index finger is slightly curved around the side.


2. Arc

The perfect arc is crucial when throwing a bean bag. Too big of an arc leaves room and time for error, but too small of an arc causes the bag to slide off the backboard. When throwing, focus on getting that perfect arc that has just enough control and stays on the board.

3. Take a Step

Although optional, stepping can be that extra power you need to make a perfect toss. When throwing, take a step with the opposite foot of your throwing arm while your other leg stays stationary for balance. All seasoned bean bag players know the power is in the legs and not the arms!

4. Slide onto the Board

Don’t be afraid to use sliding your bag on the board as an advantage. Be careful when sliding, some boards can be slicker than others. Take a few practice tosses first to determine the condition of the board, then slide away!


5. Release

The release of your toss can make or break your game. Releasing too soon can make your throw land short while releasing too late can be a hazard for bystanders. The rule of a perfect release is letting go when your arm is at a 90-degree angle with your armpit and even with your shoulder. When releasing, determine if an arch is needed due to opponents’ bags covering the board in order to not also bring their bag into the hole with your own.  

Hopefully, these tips will prime you for the upcoming season and gain the confidence and skill you need to take first place and impress other opposing teams. Start practicing and see you soon for the BlueLine bean bag league!




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