Ahh, the Fourth of July, when America celebrates its birthday. People all over the country prepare with flag-colored napkins, hot dogs, and fireworks. Some of the best ways to show our patriotism involve spending time with friends and family, and the celebrations are as unique as the people who take part in them.

Blue Line is no different - we love to celebrate America. In honor of our fabulous melting pot country, we’ve compiled the most American things according to our owner, Scott.


Wisconsin Cheese

No one can deny it’s the best in the country. Nothing says America like a delicious snack or meal smothered in the Badger State’s famous ooey gooey export.


Whether you’re a fan of our tried-and-true domestic favorites or take pleasure in sampling the newest microbrews, we have no shortage of flavors and styles of the tasty golden liquid.

Green Bay Packers

Baseball may be known as America’s favorite pastime, but football is a sport that is uniquely American. And the Packers are the best, end of story.

Bald Eagles

Whenever you see a bald eagle flying overhead, you can’t help but feel a swell of majestic patriotism. Thank goodness we didn’t go with a turkey as our national bird.

Van Halen

You might debate the best Van Halen lineup with your friends, but no other band has rocked as hard for as long while facing such struggles. They’ve had the most mainstream rock number one hits in history and remain one of the world's best-selling bands of all time.


Sure, we’re not the only country that enjoys freedom, but it’s a word you can’t help but associate with America. It sums up our culture, our lifestyles, and our goals. Freedom: let it ring!

Reclining Sofas

Is it a sofa? Is it a recliner? It’s both! Nothing shows American ingenuity like the reclining sofa. Comfort, style, room for guests… did we mention comfort? What’s not to love!

Clay Matthews' Hair

Take one look at those gorgeous flowing blonde locks and try not to think of our country’s amber waves of grain. You can’t do it.

Shark Week

One week out of the year, our country takes the time to learn more about sharks. Why are they so mysterious and alluring? Who knows. But they’re awesome. Just like America.

Plaid Shorts

Versatile and comfortable, you don’t need to wait until summer to enjoy them. Dress them up for smart parties, or dress them down to be cool and casual. I honestly don’t know why anyone would want to wear anything else.

The Blue Line

Beer, sports, great food - pretty much everything that makes America great can be summed up in one (well, two) locations. We’re even thinking about getting an eagle, but you wouldn’t believe the red tape.


There you have it - the most American things according to Scott. Did your favorites make the list? Have an addition? Think there’s a better team than the Packers? You’re wrong, but we’d love to hear your comments!

Happy Fourth of July from Blue Line Sports Bar and Grill!