Football season is nearly here again - more importantly, fantasy football season is almost back! Before the draft, you'll need to pick your fantasy football team's name. Your name should reflect a bit about who you are and show your allegiance to your favorite team or player.

Not only can you select from pop culture to inspire your team name, but you can also draw from a personal experience to help make people jealous of your fearsome fantasy team. You know you have come up with the perfect team name if other people in your league start copying the same format for which you named your team.

The best fantasy team names usually have the right mix of pun, wit, and hilarity. At the Blue Line Sports Bar & Grill, we’ve listed our favorites that you might be able to use in one of your leagues this season.

  1. Good Will Punting. In honor of the classic film “Good Will Hunting,” this gem just adds the most meaningless part of special teams in as a joke.

  2. We Are Brandon Marshall. This takes the film “We Are Marshall,” and just adds the New York Giants receiver in it for a clever pun.

  3. Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood. The Green Bay Packers are the team we live and die with at The Blue Line. Yes, this one’s been used before, but it’s still one of our favorites. All that’s done here is pairing Aaron Rodgers with a children’s television show. Brilliant.

  4. Hooked On A Thielen. We will admit that a Vikings’ inspired fantasy football team name isn’t one we particularly like. But the classic song “Hooked On a Feeling,” combined with Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen is pretty funny.

  5. Super Mariota Brothers. Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota is one of the top young players in the NFL. He’s honored here by tying his name in with the classic video game.

  6. Zeke and Destroy. Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott tore apart the NFL last year. Combined with one of Metallica’s greatest hits, this one is hard to beat.

  7. Belichick Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself. Combine some great advice (especially around other fantasy league players) with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, who probably has never spoken these words.

  8. Le’Veon a prayer. Former Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell - though a star player for Pittsburgh - has famously been missing from training camp this season. Take a gamble with your team name on this all-too-relevant team name


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