October is a season filled with bags of candy, candy-flavored treats, and even candy-flavored brews. Historically, candies have been simple and bland, but just as new breweries experiment with different flavors, so do the real-life Willy Wonkas of the world.

Halloween Holiday Staples That are More Nostalgic than Tasty


Circus Peanuts

Orange. Spongy. Banana flavored for some reason. These are still popular in older generations purely for nostalgic reasons. Thankfully, marshmallow candy has come a long way.

Necco Wafers

Who doesn’t love candy varieties like licorice, cinnamon, and clove? (why is wintergreen pink?) The factory may be closed, but even though the manufacturers don’t want to keep making them, certain people - for whatever reason - still want to buy them.

Candy Corn

Candy Corn:

With delicious ingredients such as yellow no. 5 and red no. 3, it’s a wonder candy corn is getting a bad rap these days. Chocolate lovers of Halloween especially dislike these hardened chunks of triangle sugar.

Delicious, Decadent, and  Delightful - Fill Your Candy Bag with...

Peanut Butter Cup

Peanut Butter Cups

Seriously, chocolate AND peanut butter in one candy?! Can it get any better? (Maybe a peanut butter porter - no tap now at BlueLine in Sartell!) Peanut butter cups are often the most popular candy during Halloween, and it’s easy to see (or should we say taste) why.

Sour Patch Kids

Want something different from chocolate? The sweet and sour satisfying taste of sour patch kids comes in many varieties and are enjoyed by children and adults alike. If you’re looking for chewy, fruity, cheek-puckering goodness, look no further.

As far as Scott goes, He doesn’t often indulge in candy. Scott likes Snickers, but only when he’s fishing. Usually, he just sticks to beer.