It’s our favorite time of year at Blue Line. Not because of the holidays, or the shopping deals, or the visiting family members – because it’s football season!

Football fans come in all shapes and levels of dedication. From the bandwagon jumpers to the life-long fans, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy the sport.

But how can you tell if you’re a true diehard fan? Well, we’ve come up with a test - one for Vikings fans and one for Packer fans:

Vikings Fans

You Know You are a Diehard Vikings Fan When...

  • You have uttered the words "Straight Cash Homie" more than once in your life

  • You hold your breath every time the Vikings line up for a field goal or extra point

  • You have mixed feelings towards Brett Favre

  • You own a hat with horns and fake blonde braids

  • You cried happy tears during the Minneapolis Miracle, and sad tears the 2017 NFC Championship game

  • The sound of a Gjallarhorn being blown gives you goosebumps

  • You think the “Skol, Vikings” chant should be the official state song of Minnesota

  • To you, The “Purple People Eaters” doesn’t refer to an old song or bad movie from the 80’s

  • Your two favorite teams are the Vikings and whoever is playing the Packers

  • You still don’t know how to feel about Ragnar, but you know it makes you sad

  • Prince is your favorite singer, but you’ve never heard any of his songs (other than bits of them between plays)

  • You still own purple and gold Zubaz, or you recently purchased purple and gold Zubaz

Packer Fans

You Know You’re a Diehard Packers Fan When...

  • You have owned or currently own a cheese head

  • You have a framed photo of Bart Starr

  • Your ideal wedding venue is Lambeau Field

  • Cheese is an integral part of every meal

  • You think Clay Matthews would have made a better Thor than Chris Hemsworth

  • You regularly refer to Green Bay as "Title Town"

  • Blaze orange takes up 75% of your wardrobe (The other 25% is green & yellow)

  • You’ve had a pet named Lambeau, Calhoun, Biever, or Lombardi

  • The Miracle in Motown is still part of your regular dinner conversations

  • You’re an adult woman who has worn a green and gold bikini top outdoors past November

  • You’re an adult man with no kids who has watched Pitch Perfect 2 more than once

Whether you are a Packers or Vikings fan, Blue Line Sports Bar is the place to watch both teams. Beer, sports, food, family and fun, that is what we are all about! We’ll see you Sunday!