Winter means different things for different people. Especially in Minnesota, winter means sledding, snowmobiles, ice fishing, and freezing temperatures. Other parts of the country might see us as a little bit … off… for wanting to live here, but thankfully, we know better.

For Scott and Esther, winter means hockey games, football tailgating, holiday treats, and time spent with family. Take a look at a few of the ways Scott and Esther do winter:

How Scott Does Winter


They’re not just for warm weather. Shorts are great to wear year round. Especially plaid shorts.  


The faster the better. I’d love nothing more than to pull a Clark Griswold and fly down the biggest hill in town - I may even go for the amateur recreational saucer sled land speed record.


Winter + beer. Look ‘em up, they're a thing.

Pond Hockey

We are the state of hockey, after all. And whoever you root for, you can’t deny that a pickup game of pond hockey doesn’t sound like fun.

Hot Tubs

I mean… duh.

How Esther Does Winter

Hallmark Christmas Movies

Warm feelings, happy endings, and the holidays. What else could you want from a movie?

Buying Baby Christmas gifts

Gift-giving is fun, but buying for a baby is even more fun. Tiny clothes, colorful toys, and seeing the looks of wonder on little faces – What could be better? Especially with a new grandson on the way :)

Miller Lite


More Hallmark Christmas Movies

Even after the holidays are over. They’re always good.

Christmas Cookies

Even after the holidays are over… but not too long after. No one likes a stale cookie.

At Blueline Sports Bar, we do winter with your favorite football and hockey teams, rich brews, spiced liquors, and food that will warm you to the bones. Stop by one of our locations this season to celebrate the season that makes Minnesota special!

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