Peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, ketchup and mustard – sure, these dynamic duos are great, but can anything really come close to the satisfaction received from enjoying a beer and pretzels? Probably not.

Here are 7 reasons why beer and pretzels are the greatest invention humanity has ever witnessed and a few reasons to shamelessly crack a cold one and dip into a bowl of pretzels.  


Beer is one of the Oldest Documented Beverages

Remember what you learned in history class? Well, you would’ve remembered more if it covered the rich, hoppy history of beer. Take a second to imagine what living in 4300 B.C.E. was like. No sports. No cars. No wings. No AC. Mostly, these years were filled with a lot of farming and banging rocks together. It’s no surprise that these poor folks would have wanted something refreshing after a long day of working in the sun. Then, a genius came along and gave them just that - beer.

Thankfully, the recipes were well documented during this period - many of which are still being discovered today. Beer often made an appearance as a way to pay workers and is even mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh, a popular text dating back to roughly 2000 B.C.E. A sample of the text reads,  "... he ate until he was full, drank seven pitchers of beer, his heart grew light, his face glowed and he sang out with joy."

Maybe we’re not so different from people 4000 years ago.



Shark Week and Quidditch were Invented While Sipping Beer

Ever have a really good idea after enjoying a few beers with friends? It turns out that the phrase “hold my beer” doesn’t always have to lead to catastrophe and writing it down can be a good idea. If vegging out on the couch and watching Harry Potter aren’t your thing - traveling via Southwest Airlines or running the Ironman triathlon might fit your style – all of which were created while enjoying one (or several) pints of beer.


Beer Has Many Health Benefits

You’d almost think that something as great as beer would have its drawbacks, but it sports a few healthy perks. Like anything, these stats aren’t invulnerable to moderation - but are definitely a nice touch to add to a tall glass of beer:


Pretzels Celebrated Their 1,408th Year of Being Awesome

It’s 610 AD, and you’ve worked up quite the appetite working as a monk. Sure, bread is cool - but that’s boring. You come to the realization that frying stuff and covering it in salt makes just about everything better. Now we’re talking.

Pretzels may have shown up a little late to the party, but how many of you have friends that have done the same and made the night legendary? They got their shape from the holy trinity - not a bad design for something that tastes as heavenly as a good pretzel.


Pretzels are Fairly Guilt-Free

Like beer, you’d almost expect something this delicious to have nothing healthy about it. Luckily, one of beer’s greatest sidekicks can add a few nutritional benefits to the party:

  • Low in fat
  • High in calcium and B vitamins
  • A good source of fiber
  • Contain Folic Acid (A combatant of leukemia and alcoholism)


They Have Their Own Holidays

Unfortunately, you probably won’t get these days off of work – yet – but a national holiday celebrating these miraculous contributions to humanity are reasons as good as any to indulge. Beer day is on April 7th, and Pretzel day following its timeliness arrives a little later on April 26th.


Beer and Pretzels Play Nice Together

If beer is liquid bread with a little magic & pretzels are fried bread with a hint of awesome, then beer combined with pretzels equal a legendary duo. Pretzels are surprisingly just as versatile as beer and come in many varieties that pair well with your favorite brew.  


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and the beer and pretzels you’ll have after are even more enjoyable. Feel free to share this with your friends before stopping by, and follow us on Facebook for more tasty info about the things you crave!