The tournament starts this week, but there’s plenty of Madness to be had.

When you look at the top 25, you’re probably familiar with the chaos that is the entry level, and when selection Sunday comes around it’ll be nothing short of a bracket filling fury.

We’re in the calm just before the storm, so let’s enjoy it by sorting out the tournament schedule and predict the top 4 seeds by region.


March Madness Schedule

  • Selection Sunday | 3/11

  • First four | 3/13, 3/14

  • First round | 3/15, 3/16

  • Second round |  3/17, 3/18

  • Sweet 16 | 3/22, 3/23

  • Elite Eight 3/24, 3/25

  • Final Four | 3/31

  • National championship | 4/2


South Bracket

In the South Bracket, don’t be surprised to see Virginia become the number 1 seed pick for this year’s tournament. After they grab the top, Purdue, Cincinnati, & Texas Tech will follow suit with the next seeds.


East Region

The Villanova Wildcats are expected to become the top seed of the East Region, having the final four in their sights for the majority of the season (with a few stumbles of course). Regardless, the committee will give the team a number 1 seed. Duke will grab the 2nd seed, followed by Tennessee & West Virginia for the 3rd and 4th seeds respectively.


Midwest Region

Michigan State had the top spot earlier this season - even with their struggles, they’ll still be the top seed in the Midwest Region. Xavier, Auburn, & Arizona will fill the other seeds in that order.


West Region

Kansas is at the top of the big 12 & best in conference all year. They’ll without a doubt become the top seed for the West Region. Wichita State will get seed number 2 and the defending champions, the North Carolina Tar Heels, will be number 3. Coming out of nowhere, Ohio State will be seed number 4



Bold Predictions

  • Surprise teams will win the big 12 & ACC Tournaments

  • Michael Porter will deliver what we’re missing

  • A bubble team will take a deep run


We hope this quick guide will help your decisions for this year’s March Madness. Make sure to pick up this printable bracket to make your life easier, and enjoy the tournament at Blue Line!